Nutribox is your personal nutritionist in your pocket and is customized just for you, allowing healthy living, healthy eating and dining out to be simpler than ever before!

Our mission is to help guide and empower you, to live a healthier life. Using our vast experience in the health sector, we are now able to make your life easier by helping you discover healthy food around you, and find the choices that work for your health, and nutritional preferences. Through our credible patient safety and privacy compliant platform you can also connect to your own private nutrition expert who will guide and motivate you. Giving you the little extra nudge you need towards leading a healthier lifestyle!

Imagine a world where you can dine out at your leisure, and still keep your healthy body goals! At Nutribox, we believe everyone should have the luxury of finding healthy food anytime, anywhere. It should be a simple way of life. We also believe that you should have the choice of having accurate guidance and nutrition advice from credible experts who will actively help empower you to make healthy choices yourself!

Healthy food is your body’s power tool, use it well, and it becomes your own superpower!
A happy healthier Arab World where people are living healthily and are fully empowered to make knowledgeable healthy choices!

We live in a super fast paced era. Most days we don't have the luxury of time to think of what to eat, so we grab the nearest chocolate bar or fatayer! Sometimes with all the information out there we’re just not sure of what's in fact good for us or what’s just nonsense. Nonetheless, we also definitely want to stay healthy, because we know the physiological rewards on our body. Nutribox has been created to do just that, to become your personal pocket nutritionist and do all the thinking for you. Credibly, without any guesswork!

Welcome to the Nutribox Community, where healthy living has been reimagined, just for you!